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QuantaMesh BMS T7032-IX1

Product code : 1478507247

New Generation 100G ToR/Spine Switch for Datacenter and Cloud Computing: ONIE Pre-loaded ; x86 CPU Board Support ; SDN Ready ; Cumulus Linux Ready



    New Generation 100G ToR/Spine Switch for Datacenter and Cloud Computing

    Datacenter networking is evolving fast from 10G and 40G to 25G and 100G.  Also, hardware and software are now independent, enabling the networking software of your choice to run atop the hardware you choose. Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) provides a series of Bare Metal Switches under the QuantaMesh BMS brand to help your company embrace the big changes facing your datacenter. QuantaMesh BMS supports Gigabit to 100G Ethernet specifications. For applications such as high performance, high availability, fast scale out, low latency performance and continuous serviceability, QuantaMesh BMS is the best choice for your datacenter.     .

    QuantaMesh T7032-IX1 supports 32 QSFP28 (10/40 or 25/50/100GbE speed) ports in a compact rack unit size. By leveraging merchant silicon chipsets, the T7032-IX1 is a high-performance, high-density Ethernet switch with an affordable price for the deployment of datacenter infrastructure. With ONIE (Open Network Installation Environment) pre-loaded, the T7032-IX1 can be used with multiple operating system that supports ONIE installers to achieve agile installation and fast response when demand changes.

    Product specifications
    Physical ports Port configuration
      32 QSFP28 ports support for 10/40 or 25/50/100GbE
    Management Port
      Out-of-band management port (RJ-45, 10/100/1000Base-T)
    Console Port
      1 (RJ-45)
      USB 2.0
    CPU Board 1 CPU
      Intel Rangeley
      8GB DDR3/ECC
      SSD: 32GB
    Performance MAC
      Unified Forwarding Table to dynamically allocate the L2/ L3 tables
    Switching capacity
    Maximum forwarding rate
      Line Rate Performance
    High Availability Redundant power supply
    Hot-swappable fan tray
    Mechanical Dimension (HxWxD)
      9.27kg/20.4lbs (NET)
    Environmental Specifications Operating temperature
    Operating humidity
      90% maximum relative humidity
    Electrical Power requirement
      100~240VAC, 50/60Hz
    Power consumption
      312 watts
    Safety UL, cUL, CB
    RoHS Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) 6
    Supported Optics and Cables DAC cable (QSFP+): 1m, 3m, and 5m
    DAC cable (QSFP+, fan-out): 1m, 3m, and 5m
    DAC cable (QSFP28): 1m, 3m, and 5m
    DAC cable (QSFP28, fan-out): 3m
    AOC cable (QSFP+, 850nm, MMF): 7m and 10m
    AOC cable (QSFP28, 850m, MMF): 1m, 3m, 5m, and 10m
    40G optic (QSFP+, MPO, 850nm, MMF): 10GBASE-SR4
    40G optic (QSFP+, LC, 1310nm, SMF): 10GBASE-LR4 

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